Back In The Days We Played With Anything

Back in the days we played with anything and everything we could find. Rolling tires in the streets was my favourite. I remember we would put the black trench-mud in the tries as lubricant and insert two pieces of stick or wood and off we go.

The kaddie-ole-punch (and plastic bag with a string) and the match-box and colgate-box trucks were common. The streets in the evenings (especially around the July/August holidays) were filled with children playing “ketcher”, “tagga”, “sal-out”, “bun-house”, cricket and “war-break”. The good ole days…

Picture: Kids pulling bottle in the sand, Essequibo Coast, Guyana.

  • Mark Khan

    Looking back from where I am now I find it amazing how romantic and idyllic my childhood in Guyana was. If I knew back then how precious my boyhood days were, maybe I would have savored it more.

    • ThingsGuyana

      Very true for many of us