Eat Local & Live Longer

With the advent of chemicals, GMOs  and other scientific food processing techniques, most of which are prevalent in developed (and over populated) countries, it is wise to choose to eat organic. Better yet, choose to eat local.  Switch out the potatoes for our local eddoes, the broccoli for a local substitute – make wise choices and start now.

I began my own journey to eat local a few years ago. I am still alive, I feel much healthier and my grocery bills have been cut in half. With a little thinking there is a lot of things we can switch-out and return to our own food – healthier food that are produced right here in Guyana.

You can start with one of your three daily meals – I started with dinner and here is an example: steamed pumpkin, ochro and pak choi with fried plantains, fried fish and boiled eggs. You can mix it up everyday and over time you can develop a natural variety of things you like to eat.

Girendra Persaud, August 2016

Picture: Local Dinner