Go To Berbice If You Want Land Space

The average house lot size around the capital city in Guyana (25KM radius) is 5000 ft and for many this is too little. As you look around many home owners are building upwards in effort to get more space. But there are some things that cannot be adequately accommodated if you build upwards. Many people, like myself, would like to have a farm, a swimming pool, a fish pond etc. and the only way to get the land size to accommodate these dreams is for you to venture away from the capital.

Do not forget that our country has 83,000 mi² of land space and this is more than enough for our small population of 799,613 (2013). Berbice, Essequibo and upper Demerara are all options if you want to stay relatively close to the capital and enjoy estate-type property. If you don’t mind going farther away then the Rupununi might  just be perfect – you can even start farming peanuts to cushion your income. At these place we are talking acres of land to do just about anything you want to do.

I am looking for neighbours, so leave your comments below.

Girendra Persaud, August 2016.