Guyana The Free

Guyana, Guyana, this fair land of ours
Has broken the bondage of far distant powers,
We love you Guyana from high land to sea,
And pray God make worthy your children to be.

All hail to Guyana, our country now free,
One people, one nation, one destiny,
We pledge every effort, we’ll cherish this earth
And make here a paradise – Land of our birth.

No rich El Dorado has ever been found
Though many have ended their lives on this ground,
Our labour in factory, in office and field
Will give us the wealth and the full harvest’s yield.

With purpose and vigour we’ll carve our own fate
Unmoved by distraction, prejudice and hate,
Together we’ll strive for our new nation’s goal,
Inspired by goodwill, a kinship of soul.

Song by Valerie Rodway

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