Six (6) Things You Must Do During Your Next Bartica Visit!

July 21, 2020

Bartica is one of Guyana’s nine towns, a tropical getaway at the confluence of the Essequibo, Mazaruni, and Cuyuni Rivers in Guyana. Bartica was declared a town in 2016 by President Granger with the aim of making it the first green or eco-friendly town in Guyana. It is a small commercial hub about eighty (80) km inland from the Atlantic Ocean. This town was developed from an Anglican missionary settlement, which was established in the year 1842. Bartica, is an indigenous word, meaning red earth, which is plentiful in the town. Bartica is also known as the “Gateway to the Interior” because the town is linked to Madhia through the Denham Bridge.

The Journey to Bartica

Bartica can be accessed through the Essequibo Coast, Parika or Linden. If you are planning to visit Bartica, there are several transportation options available. However, the most widely used mode of transportation is water. Speedboats, small and fast boats traverse the waterway from the Parika Stelling to Bartica. If you enjoy long drives, then we suggest travelling on the ferry that operates the same Bartica route. The ferry is also less expensive. But if you’re not a fan of speedboats or boats in general, you can choose to fly to the Bartica Airport which is located about six (6) southwest of the town.

Contact Information of Parika Ferry Stelling

  • Address: T&HD Parika Stelling, Parika
  • Telephone #: 592-260-4498

Contact Information of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport

  • Address: Timehri, East Bank Demerara
  • Telephone #: 592-261-2281
  • Website: [email protected]

Visit the Denham Bridge

The Denham Bridge is among the oldest architectural structures in Bartica and Guyana. It was built over the  Garraway Stream in 1933, connecting Bartica to the heart of Guyana’s interior. The bridge was built by Scotsman John Aldi, a civil engineer and named after Colonial Governor Sir Edward Denham, the then governor. If you’re intending to venture into the interior, travelling to Bartica and crossing the Denham Bridge is one of the best options. If not, just visit the mining town and take in the rustic beauty of this old, architectural piece.

The Denham Bridge – Photo By Marco Farouk Basir, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Stop For A Quick Drink at the Brazilian Bars

There are Brazilians who have managed to influence the community with their food and culture. You will find a number of Brazilian restaurants, fast food joints and even bars. The Brazilians are have said to add to the boisterous nightlife of the town.

Visit The Sloth Island Resort

The Sloth Island Resort, a nature paradise, is some five (5) minutes away from the town of Bartica by boat. From this point, one can access Indigenous villages, waterfalls and one expansive rainforest. Accommodation is a three-story modern building, with self-contained rooms and a tower overlooking the lush gree, surrounding forest. There is a recreational area, volleyball court, a restaurant and bar. Staff prepare tantalizing meals-breakfast, lunch and dinner! You won’t need to sacrifice luxury for a trip into nature but can indulge in the best of both worlds.

The resort is some one hundred and fifty-five acres of dense forest where a variety of natural fauna is waiting for you to discover.  Take a walk through the forest and see red and mangroves, mora,  antswood, monkey pot, wild cocoa, manicole (acai) trees, and the legendary silk cotton trees. Where there’s vegetation, and plant life there is bound to be some exotic birds. Spy over one hundred and eighty-eight (188) identifiable species of local birds including falcons, Mankins, parrots, tanagers, and tiny hummingbirds. Birds are not the only form of wildlife on the island. You can spot monkeys swinging from the trees, yawari, lizards scuttling about, opossum, capybaras and the breathtaking blue morpho butterfly. It would a travesty to continue and not mention, sloths after which the island is named. After a packed day, borrow a book from their library and retreat or you can go stargazing.

These are only some of the activities planned for you! If you’re a bird lover there is great news – there is a complimentary trip to the nearby Parrot Island awaiting you. Contact the Sloth Island Resort on the telephone numbers below or send them an email.

Contact Information of Sloth Island Resort

The Bartica Regatta

The Bartica Regatta is an annual event held in August. The event lasts about a week and is one of the major tourist attractions in the area. Events include boat races, jet ski and dirt bike races, beach parties and numerous other fun-packed activities. There is also a Miss Bartica Regatta Pageant.

Accommodation in Bartica

Wondering where you can get bed and breakfast? There are several hotels and guesthouses throughout the town of Bartica. The most popular of which include the Modern Hotel, which has a bar, Platinum Inn, Zen’s plaza and the Skyy Lounge. Their contact information is listed below for easy reference.

The New Modern Hotel

  • Address: 9 First Ave Bca, Bartica, Cuyuni-Mazaruni
  • Tel #: 455 2301

Platinum Inn

  • Address: 7, First Avenue, Bartica
  • Tel #:  592 455-0081

Zen’s Plaza

Skyy Lounge

  • Address: P 5th Avenue Bartica, 00717, Guyana
  • Tel #: 650-4343

About Bartica

Bartica is dubbed the green gem of Guyana, with its luscious rainforest and wildlife. The culture of the town may be a bit different from our typical Guyanese culture because of the heavy influence of Brazilians but it makes for quite an experience. Through the town, you can travel even deeper into Guyana’s interiors. If you’re not ready to return home, spend a quiet weekend at the Sloth Island and bask in the surrounding nature.

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