Hymn For Guyana’s Children

With humble hearts and heads bowed down

In thanks for each new day of toil

We kneel before Thine altar, Lord

The children of Guyana’s soil.

Great is the task that Thou hast given:

Thy will to show, Thy truth to find:

To teach ourselves that we are one

In thy great Universal mind.

But not in vain we’ll strive to build

A new Guyana great and free;

A land of glory and of hope,

A land of love and unity.

O children of Guyana, rise,

Rise up and sing with happy tears:

And bless the land that gave you birth,

And vow to serve her through the years.

Song by Valerie Rodway

Music Composer Valerie Rodway

Music Composer Valerie Rodway

‘Valerie Rodway (1919-1970), a noteworthy teacher and composer who contributed largely to music in Guyana. She is best known for her national songs, “O Beautiful Guyana,” “Kanaïma,” “Hymn for Guyana’s Children,” “Arise, Guyana” and “Guyana the Free”. She also put to music the famed Guyanese independence poem by Martin Carter, “Let Freedom Awaken.” She was awarded the Cacique Crown of Honour, and the Guyana Folk Festival Committee bestowed upon her a Wordsworth McAndrew Award for her unselfish service to the development of Guyanese culture.’

Source: Guyana Times (2013)