Lake Capoey – A Hidden Paradise

Capoey Lake is one of the three largest lakes on the Essequibo Coast. The Amerindian village is located near Anna Regina, Region Two, and is a very scenic and quiet area.

The community is accessible by road and boat. One will have to travel along a two-mile long road which branches off from the Essequibo Public Road close to the village of Taymouth Manor, followed by boat across the Capoey Lake.

It is said that Capoey was founded several decades ago when some families of Amerindian descent, mainly from the Arawak tribe, settled there. Today, there are more than 380 residents, and most are involved in farming and the timber trade.

The community is governed by a seven-member village council headed by their Toshao. There is a nursery school and primary school, village office, library, an all-purpose hall, as well as a number of benabs and a playground, all centrally located at the front of the village close to the lakeside.

Reference: Adapted from article published in Guyana Times, 2014

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