Lake Mainstay

“Mainstay Lake is a lake in the Pomeroon-Supenaam Region of Guyana, near the Atlantic coast, northwest of the mouth of the Essequibo River, 19 km north of Adventure. There is a half-mile stretch of white sand at the edge of the lake.

“A resort has been built next to the lake, a forty-five-minute journey by car inland from Anna Regina, or through the resort on a twenty-minute flight from Georgetown to the resort’s airstrip.

“Mainstay Lake hosts an annual regatta.

“Whyaka is a thirteen square-mile Amerindian community where mostly Arawaks live. Arawaks were the first to inhabit the Mainstay area. They called it ‘Quacabuka’ meaning ‘in-between’.”  -Wiki

Source: Wekipedia, July 2016.
Picture: Sunrise at Lake Mainstay, Essequibo, Guyana