Meet Uncle Leo From Yupukari

We met uncle Leo early in the morning fetching a bucket of mangoes. Uncle Leo lives in a village called Yupukari in the Rupununi.  Yupukari is “home to about 500 mainly ‪‎Macushi‬ ‪‎Amerindians‬, the village is a mix of slowly changing traditional ways and modernity.

“Isaac Rogers, a former toshao of the village says Yupukari was so named as a result of a fight between a shaman or paiman and a “bad tiger” that ate people and stemmed from the words ‘epi’ ‘kari.’” – SN, 2013

Picture: Uncle ‪‎Leo‬ and His ‪‎Bucket‬ of Mangoes‬, ‪‎Yupukari‬, Rupununui‬, Guyana‬

Stabroek News, 2013:, viewed July 2016.