Only In Guyana We Bad Like This – Transporting A Car In A Speed Boat

I heard about this, but I never had the opportunity to see it until today (in picture). We as they say, seeing is believing and after seeing this I am convinced that Guyanese people are a unique set of skilled people.

When the weather is bad, this is how you transport your car from Charity on the Essequibo Coast to Santa Rosa. How they unload and offload it is still a pure mystery.

Picture Credit: Subhase Haimraj, see his profile here.

  • jumbybird

    Take off the engines, push it up to the beach, put up a ramp of a couple 2x12s and then drive it up… push back the boat out into the water, remount the engines and off you go. Reverse the steps to get it off.

  • dave martins

    One of the things I learned to appreciate living outside is the amazing ingenuity of the average Guyanese, many of them caught up in everyday lives in the countryside.
    The van in the boat is but one example: how do they get it in and out, indeed.
    Guyanese making do, and doing well.