Smooth Sailing Down the Rupununi

“The areas both in and surrounding the Rupununi river are home to a great diversity of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems that harbor many species extirpated from other areas of South #America.

“The Rupununi’s freshwater eco-regions are areas of exceptional species richness, comparable to that of the Amazonia. Flora and fauna flourish in the Rupununi river because of the Rupununi’s isolation from human activity.

“During an expedition, the South Rupununi Biodiversity Assessment Team (BAT), described the Rupununi river as being “very diverse”.The Northern Rupununi has more than fourteen hundred species of vertebrates, more than twenty-eight hundred species of plants, and countless species of invertebrates” (Rupununi, Rediscovering a Lost World).

Picture: Smooth Sailing Down the Rupununi, Rupununi River, Guyana