Spirit In A Bottle – Part 1

When I was about 12 years old, I was given the task of washing some bottles that my father bought for his pepper-sauce business. All the bottles were corked tightly but were easy to open. However, the cork on one particular bottle was very difficult to remove. On effort to the slacken the cork I tapped the top of the bottle a few times with a piece of wood. The bottle instead broke. I thought nothing of it and completed the task at hand and discarded the broken bottle.

A few minutes later a shooting pain began to take my arms and legs. This was followed by a complete numbness in my body…I wasn’t sure what was happening. I somehow managed to take a bath but then after I felt extremely cold. I remember getting dressed but nothing else after.

I found myself in a strange room and I couldn’t move freely – I was in pains. There were cuts and bruises on my skin. I called out “Hello, hello, hellooo…” and then I saw my father with two strangers entering the room. They looked at me and asked for me to tell them my name and I did. I then heard the older man telling my father “He is back”.

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Story submitted by JD, August 2016

Image Credit: PrinceOfSpirits, http://princeofspirits.deviantart.com/art/The-Spirit-in-the-Bottle-409032049