Spirit In A Bottle – Part 2

The older man turned to my father, “Let him rest and you can take him home in the evening”. I attempted to move my hands but I couldn’t. I then realized that my arms and my legs were tied to the bed. I was thirsty, hungry and now with even more questions on my mind. I asked for water and I was momentarily left alone. The clock on the wall was at 8:15, but looking outside I could tell it was sometime after noon.

My father returned with cup of water and sat at the head of the bed. The look on his face told me he was worried. I asked for my mother and my brother and he said that they were in the hospital. I attempted to ask about them but my father stopped me and requested that I should not worry and that I should rest. I asked where I was and why am I tied to the bed but again he cautioned me to “rest myself”.

After a long moment of silence and my head filled with 101 questions,  I asked what day it was and he said “Monday” – I pressed on and asked how long am I here and he said “three days”.

[Look out for part 3, the continuation…]

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Story submitted by JD, August 2016

Image Credit: PrinceOfSpirits, http://princeofspirits.deviantart.com/art/The-Spirit-in-the-Bottle-409032049