The Village Called ‘Now Or Never’

Sometimes it is not strange to wonder if the folks responsible for naming the villages in Guyana ran out of names :). Who would ever imagine naming a village ‘Now Or Never’? But there is a lovely little village in Guyana by that name.

“Nestled in the nook and cranny of alluring Mahaicony is a mesmerising village called ‘Now-or-Never’.

“… this village is located some 44 km from Georgetown and is flanked by Bushy Park to the west and Sarah to the east. This quaint village has just over twenty households with an estimated population of 133.

“Come prance under moonlight clouds on a starry ‘Now-or-Never Night, or climb into a guava tree and drink in puffs of pure of Atlantic wind. Give heed to adventure and catch ‘bush fish’ in the muddy back dam trains, or savour the ecstasy of pickled country mangoes, made fresh from tress right in the back yard. Drink your fill of fresh, cool water coconuts, or gather all you can take of genip, mangoes, and tamarind. Whatever you do, it would be a shame not to visit and soak up the bountiful treasures of Now-or Never..”

This article is adapted from the Guyana Chronicle (2014),

Picture: Little house in Now or Never.