Come Leh We Play Outside

The tide of technology is flooding every facet of our lives. On one hand technological inventions have made our lives easier, and on the other hand, have made us somewhat lazy. It has polluted our lives to the extent that we cannot think of living without our televisions, computers and mobile phones.

Children nowadays are not like the children of the 80’s and earlier years. Back then children were lean, mean and healthy. Today, the majority of children are obese with associated physical challenges. In the old days, children spent most of their waking hours in the yard, doing something outside. In the late 90’s children started to disappear from the outdoors and was found glued to the television. Today the situation has gotten worse, children are addicted to the latest gadgets, computer games and the Internet and are spending a lot less time outside. In developed countries, some schools have made it mandatory that children are involved in some outdoor activity. Playing outside has a lot of benefits, not only physical benefits, but children are able to better develop their social skills. There is a strong need for parents and guardians to cultivate situations to ensure that children play outside.

It is sad and detrimental that swimming, running, jumping, riding, climbing, laughing and crying have been replaced largely with clicking, scrolling and touching.

In the 80’s, as children you played with anything you could find in the yard, old tires, tins, leaves (play money :)), branched, dirt, sand, rocks – you name it, the children in those days were creative. They even cooked mud in coconut shells as ‘play’ food.

There was a ‘season’ for everything. They had ‘rubber-band’ season and marble season, ‘Kite season’, ‘fishing season’,  ‘cricket season’ and ‘football season’. Small days back then was a ‘good good’ time.

The games outside were many, “freeze n’ melt”, “war break”, “hide n’ seek”, “chur”, “ketcha”, “bun house”, “123 red light”, etc.

Gavin Mendonca, sings it nicely in his song “Come leh we play outside”.