The MV Makouria

The MV Makouria was constructed by Ferguson Shipbuilders, Yard No 428, Port Glasgow in 1959 United Kingdom, she was actually launched on July 23, 1959, and towed to Guyana.

Originally on the Demerara River crossing, by 2005 she was transferred to the Berbice River service between Rosignol and New Amsterdam.

MV Makouria was bombed on 22nd June, 1963 by two saboteurs who were instructed to use explosives on the ship at the gantry of the Georgetown stelling. Arrangements were made by a clerk at Transport & Harbors Dept., with a watchman at the Ferry Stelling to allow the saboteurs to enter the stelling to do the job.

The two men were given cash to buy tickets to cross the ferry boat in case there was any suspicion while they were at the stelling. At 4.30 p.m. on 23rd June, 1963, the two men left with the explosives to carry out the operation. They were to put six sticks of dynamite on the bow of the ship and six sticks on the stern, but if they felt that they could not manage that, they were to destroy the gantry. They traveled by bicycle to the stelling and gained entry.

They set twelve sticks of dynamite on the stelling and exploded the charges which damaged the electrical mechanism of the gantry and a portion of the stelling. One man escaped before the explosion while the other man remained on the enclosure at the stelling and later made his escape without being arrested.” – Guyana Roots

Article Source: Guyana Roots,

Picture: The MV Makouria, Parika Stelling, East Bank Essequibo, Guyana

The MV Makouria