The Song of Guyana’s Children

Born in the land of the mighty Roraima,

Land of great rivers and far stretching sea;

So like the mountain, the sea and the river

Great, wide and deep in our lives would we be;



Onward, upward, may we ever go

Day by day in strength and beauty grow,

Till at length we each of us may show,

What Guyana’s sons and daughters can be.


Born in the land of Kaieteur’s shining splendour

Land of the palm tree, the croton and fern,

We would possess all the virtues and graces,

We all the glory of goodness would learn.


Born in the land where men sought El Dorado,

Land of the Diamond and bright shining gold,

We would build up by our faith, love and labour,

God’s golden city which never grows old.


Thus to the land which to us God has given

May our young lives bring a gift rich and rare,

Thus, as we grow, may the worth of Guyana

Shine with a glory beyond all compare.


Song by W. Hawley-Bryant