Rupununi Calm

“The Rupununi river, also known by the local indigenous peoples as Raponani, flows through the Rupununi region. The name “Rupununi” originates from the Makushi (a dialect of one of the communities) word rapon, which is a black-bellied whistling duck (Dendrocygna autumnalis) found along the river.

“The Rupununi River is one of the main tributaries of the Essequibo River and is located in southern Guyana. The river originates in the Kanuku Mountains, which are located in the Upper Takutu-Essequibo region. The Rupununi River flows near the Guyana-Brazil border, and eventually leads into the Essequibo River. Throughout the flood season, the river shares a watershed with the Amazon. During the rainy season it is connected to the Takutu River by the flooded Pirara Creek, draining the vast swamps of the Parima or Amaku Lake. The region surrounding the Rupununi river is composed of mainly savannah, wetlands, forest, and low mountain ranges.” – Wiki

Picture: Rupununi Calm, Rupununi, Guyana