Santa Rosa – Barima-Waini

According to a Wiki article, Santa Rosa is a community in the Barima-Waini region of northern Guyana. Its population is approximately 10,000. Santa Rosa is the largest Amerindian village in Guyana. This predominantly Arawak village is located on the Moruka River, 29 km from its mouth. The village is actually a collection of at least ten settlements spread out in the Savannah wetlands along a ten-mile stretch of the Moruka River. Santa Rosa is one of the earliest Catholic Missions in Guyana. Its name is in Spanish (in English be Saint Rose).

The community began receiving electricity in 2004 when a diesel-powered generator was donated by Mr. Monty Niathally, proprietor of Variety Woods and Greenheart Limited.

The captain of the village resides in Moruca and it is good manners to acquaint yourself with him and ask his permission to stay. Permits are available for travel into this Amerindian area from the Office of Amerindian Affairs in Georgetown, but are really a formality that don’t seem to be of necessity anymore.

According to ( article, 2001),

“The boat ride into Santa Rosa from Charity is fantastic and well worth the time and money! You go to the mouth of the Pomeroon, up the coast, then back inland up the Moruca river through a tunnel of trees with immense roots, later opening into savannah country with floating reed beds and trees where the boatmen speed you over vegetation mats.”

You find an array of small shops that sells just about anything. There are many bars where you can find an assortment of beers and other alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. There is a medical center, guest house and a newly built hotel in the area.